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Hi there!
Lingiggle by twin-tail
Today I'm opening up contest for character design. I hope you'll check it out~~
This contest is based 100% on the design NOT the quality of the artwork.
So anybody can enter! (omg I hope someone enter)

Well, I keep redesigning this character for my rpg game and I just can't settled on one.
So instead I'll make a contest ^ ^
I was gonna have a contest with my other character anyway but I sold her so oops

End Date: 9/30/2014
(possible to make a short extension with enough requests)
To submit your entry, comment on this journal with your entry.
Winners will be announced 1-2 weeks after contest completion.

   Basics About the Character  

Blue Square Bullet This world is fantasy theme, including fairies, elves, dragons etc.
However no need to stuck to the stereotype of fantasy genre, I would love some magical girl/modernish/colorful unique twist to it.
Purple Square Bullet The character is a girl in her late teens.
 I haven't chosen her race yet so just check the guidelines below (Design Elements)
Blue Square Bullet She have the special ability of being an oracle.
This means (in this universe) she can channel powerful creatures/gods through her body and has dreams consider prophetic by her society.
Purple Square Bullet She wears a special headdress .... of your design... hahahah...
Blue Square Bullet She is able to use magic and also uses a weapon (which you can include or exclude from the design)
Purple Square Bullet In her home town, she is upheld and protected like a treasure however she leaves there to go on an adventure on her own and experience to the real world.
Blue Square Bullet Her nature is naiive and adventure-seeking. Shes not scared of much at all, even when she really should be.

   Designs Elements  

Not allowed = if you include these elements your entry is disqualified
Acceptable neutral = you can include these elements to work with yoru design but they aren't particularly wanted or unwanted
Suggested elements = these are just some things I thought "may" suit the character but you do not need to abide by all or any of them.
Required elements = I really want you to include this into the design

Not allowed
Large functional wings
Non-human face or bodyshape
Technological futuristic style (like cyborg or android)
Steam Punk
Full Armor
Alien looking eyes (color sclera, shape pupil, extra eyes etc.)
Monster body elements, Her general body should be like a human, but you can include things in acceptable neutral

Acceptable but neutral
Animal ear
Elf ear
Partial armors
Small decorative wings

Suggested elements
Blondie or light color hair
Long hair styled up or partially up
Gravity-defiant anime style hair
Slim petite body, long leg
High shoes
Thigh highs
Magical elements, floaty things
Magical weapon (gun?)
Or any some magical girl elements
Not overly covered

Required elements
Looks like human (or almost, see acceptable additions above)
Some headdress
Some part of the design involving gemstones

   Other Rules  

Entries are NOT judged by image quality AT ALL ~~ only on the design itself.
You may submit an unlimited number of entries up until the end date. However entrants can not win more than one prize.
Ties are possible but not guaranteed.
Collabs are allowed but you are responsible for dividing the prize, not me. I don't do 2x prize to a collab so you gotta split.
Entries may be draw in any style and any media
You must show at least knee-up of the character but the full body visible is prefered.
All entries must include color. Shading is not needed
You may use bases on the condition that: it was not traced from another image AND that the basemaker permits you to make monetary profit. You must also link back to the original base and link or screenshot (if you have to note them) where the basemaker says you may use their base for monetary profit.

Linbounce by twin-tail


Places are judged solely by me with the exception of the poll.

Grand Prize
$50 USD cash (Paypal)*
Rubi by twin-tail
character page OR a custom design**
Svetlana by twin-tailMarybelle (animated) by twin-tail
Commission Steps by twin-tailMommy Scarecrow by twin-tail
large scale pixel ***

Best Creative
$20 USD cash (Paypal)*
small pixel comm~ by twin-tailPastry Lamb for C-C by twin-tail
medium pixel*** OR a custom design**

$10 USD cash (Paypal)*
my icon by twin-tailNanami by twin-tailGokai by twin-tailRoxy by twin-tail
Lantern by twin-tailStarz2 by twin-tailWanderlust by twin-tailBee by twin-tail
pixel icon (100x100 or 50x50) OR a custom design**

Runners Up
Mieu by twin-tailGinnie by twin-tailSuzuri by twin-tailmy icon by twin-tail
girls girls girls by twin-tail
50x50 icon OR a custom design**

*Cash can be substitute by Points by 1 usd = 80:points:
**Custom character design (adopt) will NOT include revisions unless I didn't follow your instructions, so please keep this in mind if you chose it. To see what my designs look like check on adopt in my gallery.
***Pixel prize can substitute any size pixel smaller, but picking a smaller size doesn't increased the quantity. Does not included animation.

By entering this contest you agree that if you win any prize, I may use your submitted design in part or in whole at my discretion and you are giving me full rights to the design.
You agree that you will not use any prize-winning design or re-sell it but you may display it in your gallery.
You agree that you are the sole creator of the design with the exception of bases which you must fully credit.
I agree that, if you do not win any prize you retain rights to your design and you may use or re-sell the design at your discretion.
I also agree that if all prizes are not handed out or completed within 6 months of announcing winners, you may retract ownership of your design and use or sell at your discretion.
(That gives me more than enough time to finish the artwork allowing for any personal delays, however it should be completed much sooner.)

Um thanks for reading~~~ and hey if you feel like it tell your friends or something~~~!
Oh and please let me know if you plan on entering that would be cool~~
And of course any questions just reply on here too.

Linsnooze by twin-tail



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
South Korea
Hi there~~
I'm a digital artist and pixel artist for many years. I like catgirls~ ^^
Feel free to msg me any time.

ACNL Dream Address is ~~ 4200-3139-4298
Please come and visit Meowami~ ^ ^

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Custom Design Payment Button
only pay here if I already accepted your form thank you~~ ^ ^
Pay with point????
Lingiggle by twin-tail
Please do not use donate~~~~!
let me set payment option here~~ Thanks!!


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